Dr. Tamer Saka is appointed as the Head of Sabancı Holding Cement Group


Dr. Tamer Saka is appointed as the Head of Sabancı Holding Cement Group that includes Akçansa, Çimsa and Yünsa companies. Mr. Saka will take office as of April 2.

Mehmet Göçmen, the CEO of Sabancı Holding, made the following announcement about this appointment: “Mehmet Hacıkamiloğlu, the present Head of Cement Group, who held several senior management positions in our Group decided to resign. We, on behalf of our Group, would like to thank him for his services. As of April 2, Dr. Tamer Saka will be the Head of Cement Group. We are very pleased that Dr. Tamer Saka rejoined us to contribute to our Group with his invaluable experiences. I wish him success in his new job”.


Tamer Saka completed his undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate studies at Istanbul University, School of Business. Tamer Saka worked as the Manager and Senior Manager of Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young companies, respectively, and he was in charge of Risk Management Consulting services and then he joined Sabancı Holding family in 2004 as the Risk Management Director. He served as the Executive Director responsible for business development operations of nearly 20 countries, including Turkey, at Willis London in 2010 and 2011. In August 2011, Tamer Saka was appointed as the Strategy and Business Development Coordinator of Kibar Holding and then he was appointed as the Head of Automotive and Corporate Functions Group in May 2012 and as the Kibar Holding Board Member. Tamer Saka became the CEO of Kibar Holding in 2014.