New Year Message of Güler Sabancı, the Chairman of Sabancı Holding



Güler Sabancı, the chairman of Sabancı Holding, released a New Year message addressed to the personnel of Sabancı Group. Ms. Sabancı reviewed year 2017 and expressed her future expectations in her message.

The message from Güler Sabancı is as follows:

“In 2017, we have observed promising economic developments despite the ongoing global and regional political and social tensions. Recovery and growth trend all around the world was the most striking development experienced in the global economy. IMF revised and raised its forecasts for the first time in many years.

As for our country, we can see that we completed yet another year of thoroughly experiencing political, economic and social outcomes of the geopolitical impacts. However, we are pleased that the global growth trend was also reflected onto our country despite all the negativities.

Turkish economy grew by 11.1 percent on the third quarter according to the year on year figures and achieved the fastest growth rate of the past 6 years. This figure is the fastest growth rate of all OECD countries. This is a promising figure for all of us but our priority must be placing this figure on a sustainable ground by projecting it on all indicators.

At this point, as a country, we see three fundamental opportunities ahead of us for being ahead of global competition: technology, digitalization and education. All the countries are trying to find their path in these three fundamental areas in the midst of this global and interwoven process.

“We witness the fastest transformation in the world history”

First of all, added-value technology investments are crucial. In terms of technology, we have been witnessing the fastest transformation in the world history. Moreover, this transformation shapes our lives with “narrowing intervals” and “rapid leaps”. Economic growth makes progress in parallel to the technological advancements. Hence, the way of becoming one of the strong economies of the future is through this path.

Our second priority is closely associated with the technology; digitalization. The digital economy is expected to mark 24.6 trillion dollars by 2020 and we have to find our place in it. Here, the necessity of determining a common vision and roadmap emerges.

Finally, the world, changing with technology and digitalization, also transforms education and nobody is behind in race. Because the rapid change all around the world brought all the countries back to the beginning, to the starting line. This opens up the window of brand new opportunities to us.

In order not to fall behind the competition on the educational platform and to create a difference as a country, our responsibility is to design a new education system with a scientific, smart and participatory process and available technology opportunities. This is the only way of carrying our country one step further in all aspects. Our goal should be leveraging the young population and assuring generations equipped with necessary qualifications, starting from today.

For seizing all these three opportunities, we must channel our energy to the common goals, create the needed climate and take an action as of today.

“We will be the Sabancı of New Generation”

As Sabancı Group, we have also built the upcoming period based on these indicators.

2017 was the “year of transformation” for Sabancı Group. We added a new headline to our over 90-year history. Thanks to this new stage we started with our new management team guided by our CEO Mehmet Göçmen, we will not only be “Sabancı of Turkey” but also “Sabancı of New Generation” from now on.

As “Sabancı of New Generation”, we will continue to pioneer value added production that will bring our economy to its well-deserved global position; lead change in any area touched by the digital transformation and to contribute to our country’s future through technology oriented investments. At this point, the responsibility of Sabancı Group is to “set an example” and “be a pioneer”. In the upcoming period, we will make use of all the opportunities from industry 4.0 applications to new business segments such as composite as long as they promote our new vision”.