Senior Management Appointments at Sabancı Holding and Enerjisa



Kıvanç Zaimler is appointed as the Head of Sabancı Holding Energy Group that includes Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş. and Enerjisa Üretim A.Ş companies. As a result of this appointment, Kıvanç Zaimler shall be the Chairman of Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş. and Vice Chairman of Enerjisa Üretim A.Ş Company. Ziya Erdem is appointed as the CEO of Enerjisa Energy.    
Mr. Zaimler and Mr. Erdem will take office as of July 1.

Mehmet Göçmen, the CEO of Sabancı Holding, made the following statement about these appointments; “Kıvanç Zaimler joined Enerjisa in 2008 and successfully held several senior management positions. Enerjisa became the leading and pioneering company of the world of new generation energy thanks to innovative business models and technology oriented approach. Furthermore, Mr. Zaimler contributed to the process of putting Enerjisa in the limelight for the domestic and foreign investors through successful public offering that is seen as an example in Turkey. We would like to thank Mr. Zaimler for his contributions so far and wish him success in his new position as the Head of Sabancı Holding Energy Group.”

Mr. Göçmen congratulated Ziya Erdem who is appointed as the CEO to lead the successful journey of Enerji Energy and added; “We are confident that Mr. Erdem and his experiences will make significant contributions to the energy sector, which serves 20-million people and has strategic importance in our Group, and that successful performance of Enerjisa Energy will boom. We wish him success in his new job”.

About Kıvanç Zaimler:

In 1991, Kıvanç Zaimler graduated from Istanbul Technical University Department of Industrial Engineering. He started his professional career in 1992 and held various managerial positions, respectively, in the Turkish Electricity Industry, RAM Foreign Trade and Aygaz companies until 2008.

Kıvanç Zaimler joined Sabancı Group in 2008 and worked as the Enerjisa Trade Director until 2013 and then served as the Vice President of Enerjisa Distribution Business Unit and then Vice President of Sales Business Unit between 2013 and 2016. He was appointed as the CEO of Enerjisa Energy in March 2016. 
Mr. Zaimler, 49, is married and has one child.

About Ziya Erdem:

Ziya Erdem graduated from the U.S. International University San Diego, Department of Business Administration in 1984 and then completed his MBA degree at the same university in 1986.
Ziya Erdem started his professional career in 1988 as the Board Member and Vice President of Pabalk Group of Companies and then he held senior management positions respectively at Mansan Mantar Food Industry, TicaretNet, Türk Nokta Net, Sabancı Telecommunication, Interkom Telecommunication and CETEL Çalık Energy Telecommunication companies. He worked as a MEA Vice President of Ericsson Company and the Global Account Department President responsible for Turkcell Group and finally he was appointed as the Country Manager of Ericsson Turkey between 2008 and 2017. Since 2017, he has been offering consulting services focusing on Information and Communication Technologies and Digital Transformation.

Mr. Erdem, 55, is married and has one child.