Sabancı boosts growth with investments in the new economy


Sabancı Holding has announced its financial results for the first nine months of 2022, with combined sales increasing by 175% to reach TL 275.4 billion. As a result, Sabancı Holding's consolidated net profit for these nine months was TL 27.2 billion.

"We are progressing to be the Sabancı of the world"

Despite facing global uncertainties, recession expectations, and the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war, Sabancı Holding has managed to maintain a robust financial position and continue its growth in line with its strategic priorities. Speaking on the subject, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper pointed out that the importance of sustainability and digital technology is increasing every day: "At Sabancı Group, we focus on sustainability and digitalization in line with our Group's Purpose and strategic priorities, as we work to create a better world through all of our companies. As a result, we are undergoing a significant transformation to fulfill our ambition of becoming the 'Sabancı of the World.'"

Mr. Alper added, "Our energy business line is a leading force in this transformation within the Sabancı Group. In recent months, our company Enerjisa Üretim commissioned Turkey's first unmanned hydroelectric power plant and has made rapid progress with its wind energy investments. By 2026, our portfolio's share of renewable energy will reach 57% with the Kayseri Erciyes Wind Power Plant (WPP), which began production recently with an installed capacity of 65 MW, as well as an additional 1000 MW wind energy investment which we will implement in the coming period. In addition, we are expanding our renewable energy investments beyond Turkey through our company Sabancı Climate Technologies while also making strategic investments in various US-based venture capital funds and startups. In this context, we made a fund investment as part of our strategic partnership with Safar Partners, a leading venture capital fund management company in the USA, and made direct investments in startups 'Commonwealth Fusion Systems' and 'Quaise Energy.’"

Mr. Alper continued: "In our industrial line business, Kordsa signed a strategic cooperation agreement with US-based Toledo Solar Inc, a manufacturer of next-generation thin-film solar panels based in Ohio. During this period, Kordsa also announced a $20 million investment in cord in North America and a $22 million investment in Turkey while maintaining the stability of its domestic and international investments. In our Financial Services business line, we are bringing new energy to the health ecosystem with our Sabancı Ageas Health Insurance company, which we established with the goal of becoming a leader in next-generation insurance services. SabancıDx, which has led the digital transformation of the Sabancı Group in recent years, is now on its way to becoming a global brand serving various companies worldwide. Through SabancıDx, we invest in digital technologies, one of the three main elements of the new economy. We also support early-stage startups in Turkey through Sabancı Ventures, our Corporate Venture Capital Fund. In addition, through the Sabancı ARF program, which we launched within the Holding company, we support entrepreneurs from within and outside the Group to bring their best ideas to fruition. We also strive to promote the adoption of open innovation culture, which we believe is vital for the technological development of our country in the business world."

Sabancı Holding Makes a Splash at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Sabancı Holding continued to focus on addressing the climate emergency as well as sustainability studies and has strengthened its leading position in these fields in Turkey and globally. Cenk Alper, a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) since 2020, revealed that Sabancı Holding participated as a speaker in three panels at the WBCSD's annual meeting in Tokyo; in addition, he made the following statement: "At the WBCSD, one of the most influential business platforms in the world for sustainability, we shared the best practices of our Group with the participants, along with our Group Presidents. We emphasized the importance of the sustainability, digital, and responsible investment approach that guides Sabancı Group's roadmap for the future of our country, region, and the world. In addition, we highlighted our mission to lead the business world. The feedback we received at the event, which nearly 400 senior executives attended, showed us that we are on the right track and further strengthened our determination in these fields."

Sabancı Holding Leads the Way in Social Responsibility with Record Participation in Turkey

Emphasizing that the Sabancı Group, which has been experiencing strong growth across all its main business lines, continues to implement innovative and exemplary projects to increase its positive impact on people and society, Cenk Alper said: "We launched the Sabancı Republic Day Campaign last year in Adana, where our Group was founded. This year, we have transformed it into Turkey's largest social responsibility movement, with the participation of 16 companies and institutions. We will be on the ground throughout the year, conducting 120 events in 41 provinces involving more than 15,000 Sabancı Volunteers. Our projects will support Turkey's social development and raise awareness about the importance of volunteering in our country. In addition, just like last year, we will present all of our work within the scope of the Republic Day Campaign to our historic leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, on November 10, keeping his memory alive by working hard for our country."