Sabancı Holding Energy Group President Kıvanç Zaimler: “Recent Discovery much more than just the Discovery of Natural Gas in Our Country”


Sabancı Holding Energy Group President Kıvanç Zaimler commented on the new natural gas reserves discovered in the Black Sea Tuna-1 zone. He claimed that “this discovery has meaning beyond just finding natural gas in our country. The discovery of new natural gas reserves in the Black Sea Tuna-1 zone is a highly significant development that highlights our national development and potential and will shape the future of our energy sector.” 

Natural gas is a significant resource for electricity generation in addition to its widespread use in the 81 provinces of our country. It is one of the vital components of the energy sector as well as a propelling force for the economy, and is also where, along with electrification, we expect the highest ever growth in use in the near future.    

With my wish that this development will have the best consequences for our country, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in this achievement supported by many institutions, but first and foremost our Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.”