Sabancı Holding joins the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) in 2022


Sabancı Holding has become one of the 418 companies from 45 countries included in 2022's Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI). The GEI, a capitalization-weighted market index that tracks the performance of publicly traded companies that disclose gender data and aims to monitor gender equality based on five key areas: Women's Leadership and Talent Pipeline, Pay Equity and Gender Pay Parity, Inclusive Culture, Policies to Combat Sexual Harassment, and Women-Friendly Brand Identity. The GEI 2022 has undergone a global expansion covering 45 countries and regions, including firms headquartered in Colombia and Uruguay for the first time. The index primarily includes the financial, technology, and public service sectors.

"Sabancı Group is working towards achieving future equality"

Hakan Timur, President of Sabancı Holding's Human Resources and Sustainability Group, highlighted the importance of being included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for Sabancı Group by saying, "We are extremely proud to have earned the right to be included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, one of the most prestigious indexes in the world for gender equality, in light of our successful practices in different areas such as supportive policies for women, equal opportunities in recruitment, equal pay for equal work, female representation on the board of directors, flexible working, and inclusivity in the workforce. We believe that women's economic empowerment is one of the fundamental elements of social development in countries. We believe that exemplary pioneering work focused on ensuring gender equality in the workplace is essential for realizing greater equality in the future. At Sabancı Group, we will continue to fully support our female employees and make a mark on the world with our pioneering human resources practices in the future, just as we have done in the past. It is also crucial for us that our work in this field is recognized globally. This success results from our vision of an ‘equal future’ shared and wholeheartedly embraced by all of our employees at Sabancı Group as we work towards achieving an equitable future. I would like to congratulate all of my colleagues who have contributed to this process."

Peter T. Grauer, Chair of the Bloomberg Board of Directors and the 30% Club, commented on the subject, saying, "I would like to thank Sabancı Holding and the 417 companies included in the 2022 Gender Equality Index for their transparency and to express my pride in the fact that they have set new standards for reporting data based on gender. Although the threshold for inclusion in the Gender Equality Index has increased, the list of members continues to grow, which shows us that more companies are now trying to develop criteria related to gender and encourage different talents to be successful in their organizations.”