Sabancı Holding to Showcase Sustainability Best Practices at World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Conference


The annual meeting of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a leading business platform for sustainable development, will take place in Tokyo, Japan, from October 25-28, 2022. This four-day event, which will be held both in-person and online, will bring together experts to discuss roadmaps and current developments in the field of climate emergency and sustainability.

The importance of sustainability-focused transformation programs will be demonstrated with examples at the conference, which will bring together nearly 400 senior managers, academics, public representatives, and industry professionals from around the world. Sabancı Holding, a member of WBCSD since 2020, will also share its best practices and solution proposals on sustainability with attendees as part of the conference.

Sabancı Holding CEO to present roadmap for addressing challenges

Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper will participate as a speaker in the main session titled 'Towards 2023 Japan G7 Summit – Outlook for CEOs,' which will be open to all participants on the second day of the event. During the session, Alper will provide information about the innovative projects and practices implemented by Sabancı Group to increase its positive impact on people and society, as well as its efforts to combat inequalities and solve social problems. Mr. Alper will also discuss the importance of cooperation and the role of the business world in creating a world with more equality in light of recent global developments. In addition, he will present Sabancı Group's roadmap and approach to addressing the challenges it faces in this context. Furthermore, Mr. Alper will share with attendees Sabancı Group's pioneering and exemplary practices categorized as 'new economy,' particularly in energy and climate technologies, material technologies, and digital technologies.

On the third day of the meetings, Sabancı Holding's Human Resources and Sustainability Group President, Hakan Timur, will participate in an event titled ‘The Age of Sustainability: Leading Transformation and Developing.’ During this event, mobility solutions and the activities of institutions on the journey towards net zero carbon will be discussed, with a focus on developing necessary solution proposals, particularly in the area of electrification infrastructure, to help the business world move forward more rapidly. Mr. Timur will provide detailed information regarding Sabancı Group's sustainable business models and will make general assessments about the climate emergency in light of global and regional issues.