Sabancı Strengthens its Mobility Transformation with the Fernhay Solutions Investment


Sabancı Holding, which continues to transform its industrial business line with a focus on advanced materials and mobility, invested in the US-based Fernhay Solutions company through its corporate venture capital fund Sabancı Ventures. With this investment, the number of companies in which Sabancı Ventures has directly invested has reached 11, and the number of foreign-based portfolio companies has reached 6.

Fernhay Solutions, a provider of sustainable city and last-mile delivery solutions, has Temsa, one of the Sabancı Group companies, as its production partner. The company's innovative electric cargo vehicles address the congestion, emissions, and safety challenges of urban centers. Fernhay's e-Cargo bike and eWalker have been developed in partnership with UPS and are already on the roads in three continents, nine countries, and twenty cities. 


Gökhan Eyigün, President of Sabancı Holding's Strategy and Business Development Group, underlined their commitment to shaping the "Sabancı of the future" through investments centered on technology and sustainability, while simultaneously safeguarding and expanding their core businesses. Eyigün stated, "Our investments serve as a strong indication of our long-term strategic vision."

Bill Wachtel, Chairman of Fernhay Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm for the investment, saying, "This is a fantastic development and commitment from Sabancı. Continuing our strategic partnership will bring us closer together and pave the way for the launch of Fernhay Solutions in Turkey. Our commercially purpose-built vehicles are robust and driven by quality engineering."

Eyigün emphasized the significance of advanced materials and mobility in their industrial transformation. He noted, "Our Brisa company has taken a very important step towards transformation into a tire-focused mobility company with the Arvento acquisition it made last year. Another industrial group company, Temsa, continues to strengthen its transformation into an automotive-focused technology company with the steps it takes in the field of smart mobility while increasing its competence in zero-emission vehicles day by day." Our investment in Fernhay Solutions through Sabancı Ventures stands as a crucial element in this mobility journey. Since our inception, Sabancı has been inherently driven to pioneer and set examples in the fields we operate within. "We demonstrate our leading role in today's world by actively participating in disruptive innovations globally and contributing significantly as developers of future technologies."