Sabancı Ventures Makes its First Investment


The Sabancı Group has completed its first investment via the Sabancı Holding Corporate Venture Capital Fund (Sabancı Ventures) in line with its long-term strategy centered on digital technologies, advanced materials, energy and sustainability. Sabancı Ventures became a shareholder of a new enterprise called Thread in Motion (TIM), founded in 2017 to develop wearable technologies. TIM, which offers solutions to sectors like automotive, retail, logistics, and e-commerce for increasing special operational efficiency, aims to build an ergonomic, fast and traceable system in industrial environments through the smart gloves it has developed. TIM is currently also providing services to other Sabancı Group companies like Kordsa, Brisa and CarrefourSA.      


Commenting on the issue, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper remarked that the new economic order was built on the foundations of technology and innovation, adding, “Based on our philosophy we call the “Sabancı of the New Generation”, we are also redefining our business methods in all areas in accordance with the demands of this order. Our Sabancı Ventures initiative, approved by the Capital Markets Board SPK last April, is the clearest evidence of the vision of the Sabancı Group in this respect. Sabancı Ventures, which we founded to gain early access to technological innovations and developments as well as to build agile and technology-based growth platforms, will continue its investments in the days ahead. Through Sabancı Ventures, which will focus on areas like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, new materials technologies, sustainability, energy, mobility, and cyber security, we aim to finalize at least one more investment in this year.”


Remarking that the investment they made in TIM has great significance for being Sabancı Ventures’ first ever investment, Cenk Alper said, “The fact that the Sabancı Group, which has been the forerunner in the Turkish economy with many initiatives, is supporting new generation companies through investments like this, will pave the way for the innovation ecosystem in our country, and will be a source of great encouragement for young people in Turkey who have managed to make a difference by thinking and acting outside the box, and adapting their imaginations to the realities of today’s world. Furthermore, we believe wholeheartedly that such investments will greatly help our national economy to achieve its future goals and contribute immensely to our international competitiveness.”    


Cenk Alper added that with the investments made under the umbrella of Sabancı Ventures, the Sabancı Group will not just be a financial investor but will steer the future of the companies as a strategic partner: “With a company portfolio that is global and active in several different sectors, and long-term partnership experience with multinational companies, Sabancı Holding aims to expedite the growth journeys of new initiatives and new generation business ventures by integrating them into the Sabancı ecosystem through Sabancı Ventures. Moreover, Sabancı Holding’s international network will provide significant support to the companies under Sabancı Ventures in terms of global market access.” 

Speaking at the signature ceremony Ak Portfolio Management CEO Mehmet Ali Ersarı said: “The Sabancı Ventures fund, established by Ak Portfolio as a special and closed-end fund in order for Sabancı Holding to invest in growing initiatives, is a very important step for our country in the domain of corporate venture capital. This platform, which came to life thanks to the combination of Sabancı Holding’s investment power and extended involvement in different sectors on the one hand, and Ak Portfolio’s experience in venture capital funds on the other, will add considerable value to our national economy.”


- Sabancı Ventures is a Risk Capital branch of Sabancı Holding active in the banking, financial services, energy, industry, building materials and retail sectors.

- Sabancı Ventures, which was established as a special and closed-ended fund as part of Ak Portfolio with the full name, “Ak Portfolio Management Inc. Sabancı Holding Private Venture Capital Investment Fund”, received its Capital Markets Board approval in April 2020.

- The total fund size of Sabancı Ventures, which targets both domestic and overseas investments, is 30 million US Dollars. It aims to acquire shares in ventures that have completed their commercialization process by investing between 500 thousand and 4 million US Dollars in their growth.