“Tomorrow Is Ours” Project Launched with a Record-Breaking Participation


The first online meeting was held for the “Tomorrow is Ours” project for healthcare professionals’ children or siblings who are 11 and 12th grade students or who will retake the university exams this year. Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper also attended the meeting as a mentor and shared his experiences with the students. Supported by prominent names within the public, the project received a total of 1,100 applications from 74 cities, ranging from Diyarbakır to Aydın, Trabzon, and Gaziantep.

Taking action to support healthcare professionals, who are the true heroes of the pandemic, Sabancı Group held the first online meeting of the “Tomorrow Is Ours” project it recently announced. 

Since the first day of the pandemic, healthcare professionals have been in the frontline, fighting for our “future” at the cost of their own lives. This project covers healthcare professionals’ children or siblings who are students at 11 and 12th grade or who will retake the university exams this year. The first meeting of the project was held with the attendance of Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper as well. Marked by a great enthusiasm and excitement, the first meeting became an opportunity for students to tell Cenk Alper how happy they are about the project. 

Having received 1,100 applications from 74 cities, ranging from Diyarbakır to Aydın, Trabzon, and Gaziantep, in a very short time, “Tomorrow Is Ours” project will provide trainings, guidance, mentorship, and career development support in its first year. Covering the children and siblings of all healthcare professionals, from doctors to nurses, caregivers, and administrative personnel, who are working hard to make sure that life prevails, “Tomorrow Is Ours” will continue throughout the summer and launch its second term in September.

Cenk Alper: “Making a Difference for 1,100 Young People Is Very Precious and Promising for the Future” 

Addressing the young people at the first online meeting of “Tomorrow Is Ours” project, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper said he is delighted to join this meaningful project as a mentor and to come together with young people who are the future of our country. Reminding that Sabancı Group has always pioneered projects that support social development in Turkey and creates an impact on people and the society throughout its cultural legacy of over 90 years, Cenk Alper said: “Each of you is a plane flying toward the future. It is vital that you identify your route and destinations. That is why we are here; the major goal of this project is to share our experience with you, to support you in choosing your goals, and to guide you in finding out what to do while running towards those goals.

Your families are heroes that fight to ensure kindness and sustainability of life in such a difficult period. They are also the ones who had to sacrifice the time they could spend with you in such a fragile, sensitive, difficult time for you. While they fight for our future, we want to support their future and stand by your side as much as we can. In this journey of reaching your goals, you will make them proud with your success.”

Cen Alper also added: “In addition to Sabancı Volunteers comprising Sabancı employees, many valuable public figures also support our project. Before launching the project, our goal was to build a mentorship fellowship inspired by the power of volunteerism and now we have achieved our goal with 520 mentors. Their know-how and stories will serve as role models and inspire each attendee. We have also employed all advanced technologies of Sabancı Group in this project as well. In addition to supporting young people’s education in this difficult period, we also aim to help them discover their talents, improve their competencies, increase their potentials, and manage education processes. Making a difference for 1,100 young people at the very first period of ‘Tomorrow Is Ours’ project is very precious and promising for the future.” 

School of Medicine Is at the Top of the Occupation List of Children

With most of the attendees being 11th grade students, the first meeting of “Tomorrow Is Ours” project also included surveys on the schools, career plans and dream universities of the young. According to survey results, medicine and engineering make the top of the career list, followed by law and psychology. Representing an extraordinary mix of students from Anatolian high schools, private schools, science schools and all other high school categories, the project revealed that dream universities of young people include Boğaziçi, Middle East Technical, Sabancı, İstanbul Technical, İstanbul, Cerrahpaşa, and Hacettepe Universities.

Greatest Problems: Loneliness and Lack of Socializing

The young participants were also asked about the emotional results of preparing for the exams during the pandemic. The most frequent answers to the question “What are the greatest challenges for you in this period?” have been stress, anxiety of the future, lack of socializing, and loneliness. When asked to define the emotions caused by these challenges in one word, most of them said fear, anxiety, concern, and stress. In the light of these answers, the greatest expectations of the young from “Tomorrow Is Ours” project are motivation, guidance and support in career choices. 

Mentorship and Personal Development Support Combined

During the first meeting, in addition to the details of the processes and stages in “Tomorrow Is Ours” project, the agenda of “mentorship program” and “career development programs” were also shared with the attendees. Following the mentors meeting to be held immediately after this first meeting, mentor-mentee matching will be made, and students will be informed. Businesspeople from different areas and opinion leaders, as mentors, will meet with their “companion” mentees 5 times, each for one-hour session, and share their know-how and experience. 

In the second part of the project, students will join online trainings and webinars to make sure that they achieve progress in the healthiest way during this stressful period and they are equipped with information and competencies to support their future career. During the program, Sabancı University Career Development and Internship Office will implement career support programs in addition to the training videos of Sabancı Group companies, while Sabancı University faculty members and graduates give information on their departments and occupations.