“Tomorrow” of Healthcare Heroes Entrusted to Sabancı Holding



Having mobilized its technological and innovative power and stood by Turkey with grants and donations amounting to a total of TRY 32.3 million during the pandemic, Sabancı Group now takes action to support the families of healthcare professionals who are the true heroes in these challenging times. With the “Tomorrow Is Ours” (“YarınBizim”) project by Sabancı Group, healthcare professionals’ children and siblings who are studying for university exams will be provided with mentorship and career development support. Officially launched on April 7, World Health Day, the project will be open to healthcare professionals’ children or siblings who are 11 and 12th grade students or who will retake the university exams this year. Applications can be made at www.yarinbizim.com until 14 April.


“Tomorrow Is Ours” project comprises two simultaneous programs, namely “mentorship program” and “career development programs”. Within the scope of the first program, students will be matched with the most suitable “mentors” among Sabancı Group employees. As businesspeople and opinion leaders in various industries, these mentors will contribute to young people’s journey to success and share their experience with them in an online environment.

In the second part of the project, students will join online trainings and webinars to make sure that they achieve progress in the healthiest way during this stressful period and get equipped with information and competencies to support their future career. During the program, Sabancı University Career Development and Internship Office will implement career support programs in addition to the training videos of Sabancı Group companies, while Sabancı University faculty members and graduates give information on their departments and occupations.


Commenting on the project, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper stated that Sabancı Group has been implementing pioneering and exemplary projects to lead Turkey’s social development for over 90 years and added: “In line with our commitment to fulfill our responsibility in creating a better world and a better future, we aim individual and social contribution in every action we take. Sabancı Volunteers Program that we launched in 2015 celebrates its 6th anniversary. Throughout the process, we have seen that unity and kindness is the path to a stronger future. We have always believed in the importance of solidarity and unity in identifying shared priorities, encouraging innovation and inclusion, and offering sustainable solutions to problems. The pandemic reminded us of the values we had forgotten and made us grateful to every breath we draw and to every person who makes sure that life goes on no matter what. We have experienced the importance of volunteering for kindness. Healthcare professionals have been working selflessly at the cost of their lives since the first day of the pandemic and, sadly, we lost some of them to the pandemic. As Sabancı Group, we now take action to support the future of the children of these healthcare professionals, and we say ‘Tomorrow Is Ours’.”


Stating that the project aims to build a mentorship fellowship inspired by the power of volunteerism, Cenk Alper said, “The program is developed for healthcare professionals’ children or siblings who are students at 11 and 12th grade or who are high school graduates but have not entered into university yet. This program is supported not only by Sabancı Group employees, but also by prominent representatives of the business world and publicly known opinion leaders. This voluntary cooperation will further improve the influence of the program. The heavy burden of parents during the pandemic and the problems of online education created a huge pressure on the young people preparing for university exams. We know that their parents dedicate all their time and effort to public health, and we say, ‘It’s our turn now’. It is not a social responsibility, but a debt of gratitude for us to support their children in preparing for university, careers and the future. We believe that under our guidance, the young people will gain a much more holistic perspective of the future and feel better and safer. We aim to reach 1,000 young people within two years with the ‘Tomorrow Is Ours’ project. I believe this figure will multiply in the coming period.”

Who are eligible and how to apply?

- The project is open to healthcare professionals’ children or siblings who are 11 and 12th grade students or high school graduates but have not entered into university yet.
- Candidates should sign up for the platform at www.yarinbizim.com until 14 April and fill in the participation form.
- Supported with various training modules, the project will match every young person with the most suitable “mentor”.
- After the matching, the participants will meet online with their mentors who will become “companions” and have the chance of getting inspiration from their know-how and experience. Thus, young people will have more self-confidence and be able to plan their future with firmer steps.

A grant and donation program of TRY 32.3 million

Having mobilized its entire technological and innovative power since the very first day of the pandemic for the fight against COVID-19 and protecting public health, Sabancı Group implemented many exemplary projects. The entire infrastructure of Kordsa Composite Technologies Center of Excellence (CTCE), operating under the cooperation of Kordsa and Sabancı University, has been opened to the use of the Ministry of Health for the production of medical devices and parts used in treating COVID-19, as well as for the design, analysis and prototype production of personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals. 150 thousand diagnosis kits were delivered to the General Directorate of Public Health. Sabancı Group also launched a grant program in the first days of the pandemic for the Ministry of Health for the development of COVID-19 vaccine and serum. In addition, 10 thousand tons of next-generation disinfectant Antimic, developed at Sabancı University to enable 3-month long protection on surfaces, were donated to the Ministry of Health. The total of grants and donations by the Group reached TRY 32.3 million.”